10min skipping for your warm up

1min Rest in-between sets unless specified 

Bench Press
3x 12
Tuck elbows slightly in, it will take out a lot should activation
Dumbbell Jumping Squats
The heaviest weight you can do for 20 reps , squat deep and explode up as high as you can , catching the landing on a soft squat
Push Ups
Hands outside shoulder width and chest a fist away from the ground
Hang cleans
Start the bar above the knees , powering it up onto your shoulder pushing your elbows then back down again keeping it above the knees
Overhead press
Push the bar directly over your head griping it just outside shoulder width
Barbell Lunges
3×20 steps
Keep barbell on top of your upper back for the walking lunges, the bar can’t touch the floor through all these movements
Peck deck fly
Keep chest up, shoulders retracted and arms slightly bent , on the contraction of the movement make sure you contract